Why DJ Papa Fritas? Well that's a long story... but to keep it short, I went to Mexico and was practicing my spanish. And whenever I would get tongue tied while speaking spanish I would always stop and end with "Papa Fritas". It became an ongoing joke and it wasn't until I went to a NightClub in Mexico and as I walked in, a huge annoucement through the speakers was "Aqui viene DJ Papa Fritas". And it stuck for the rest of the trip and also my DJ Career.

DJ "Papa Fritas"


I have been Djing for about 6 years

and here at Thirty Five we make sure to create experiences that you will never forget. 

We are not here to just push play and be a Lip-sync DJ.  We are here to create the special moments in any Wedding, Event,Festival or even small parties. No party is too BIG or too small, we will make sure to Keep the party "Alive with Thirty Five"




keep the party alive